What is Benchmarking?

One of the most important uses for benchmarking is to directly assess a business against its competitors in the same industry. This enables business owners to keep a competitive edge in a fast growing economy.

Annual business benchmarking enables business owners to get a clear picture of how their business is measuring up. Business benchmarking can also be used to assess spending habits to ensure business owners are investing their money wisely. (E.g is your business spending more than the industry standard on wages etc).

It is also important for businesses to review their pricing of products and services regularly to ensure they are inline with industry benchmarks.

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Thrive Benchmarking Packages.


The Compare package includes the following:

  • Industry Report

    The Industry Report is tailored for each business and industry allowing you to compare your business to similar businesses in your same industry to assess your overall performance.

Priced from $300 ex GST.


The Analyse package includes the following:

  • Personalised Industry Report

    Want to know how you actually mark up against your competitors? With a personalised Industry Report we will take your real time data from Xero and have it analysed to see how your business compares in a comparable region.

  • Partner Meeting

    Review and discuss outcomes of your Personalised Industry Report.

Priced from $990 ex GST.


The deep dive package includes everything in the Analyse Package plus:

  • Deep Dive

    We will take a Deep Dive into your Personalised Industry Report and review your overheads and Profit & Loss statement.

  • Workshop

    We will then run a half day workshop with vou at Thrive Advice where we will work with vou on a projected sales and expense budget.

Priced from $2,431 ext GST.

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