The Thrive Way

Our workplace values set the tone for our culture.

They identify what we care about as a team and an organisation. It is important for the people who make up the Thrive Team that their values align with our agreed values.

When this happens, people understand one another, everyone does the right things for the right reasons, and with this common purpose and understanding, people build great working relationships.

  • We will always be friendly and cheerful in all interactions with our clients, suppliers, family and friends, regardless of how we are treated;
  • We are always responsible for our actions but can never be responsible for others reactions;
  • We will always be accountable to our clients and each other. This means focusing on delivering quality, being reliable, helping others and making a difference;
  • We will be productive and make our work place an enjoyable place to be;
  • Take ownership and responsibility for all our work;
  • Nothing at Thrive is someone else’s problem;
  • Use good judgement, we trust you to make calls good for the team and the client;
  • Do what you say you are going to do. Always.
  • We return all our phone calls that day or first thing next day at the outside;
  • Our clients ring us when they need us, so we must respond as soon as possible.
  • The biggest complaint about Accountants from new clients is their phone calls weren’t returned!
  • We will never give advice or provide services to our clients that they don’t really need but which result in us receiving good fees;
  • We only provide services that are in our clients’ best interests because that is the right thing to do.
  • We are in the advice and service business to give clients certainty, clarity and peace of mind.
  • For Thrive to succeed, we need our clients to succeed and our team to enjoy what they do.

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