Knowing the steps to take to achieve your goals is critical for small business success.

Setting clear and realistic goals is an ideal strategy you can implement to help strengthen and grow your business and develop your skills as a business owner.

Here are three tips to help you effectively reach your business goals:

Assess The Goal

To set a realistic goal, you first need to assess what will and will not be viable. Each time you form a goal, ask yourself:

  •       What is motivating me to achieve this goal?
  •       What are the resources required and do I have access to them?
  •       Are there forces out of my control that will act as an obstacle and is there any way I can overcome them?

Break It Down

It is important to keep your goals realistic and manageable to achieve them. It is ok to have big goals – they are exciting and will keep you motivated. The trick is to break down that overarching goal into smaller and more focused steps, making the goal more feasible to reach in the long term. You will not run a marathon, write a novel or become CEO in a week. Take it kilometre by kilometre, chapter by chapter, promotion by promotion to achieve the best results. Smaller goals also help you do the following:

  •       Stay motivated by maintaining a sense of achievement
  •       Provide a realistic timeline
  •       Help track your performance

Find A Mentor

Having a mentor on hand will help keep you accountable for the goals you set for your business. A good mentor will help you set measurable goals and keep you on track as you set out to achieve them. They can also provide insight via feedback on better ways to set and achieve your goals in the future. Mentors continually motivate you to keep going if you should hit a speed bump along the way.

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