Last summer the country was on fire. Was it only last summer? For many of us it seemed so long ago. 

We could divide the country into two categories. Those who found 2020 the longest year ever and those that found it the most fast paced, overwhelmingly busy year ever. Of course, some would cross over between the two. 

The summer break cannot come quickly enough. Although we have rules and restrictions we must follow, it will still be a great time to unwind and relax. Spend time with the family. Reflect on the year that was and plan for a new year. One hopefully with a vaccine and growth for everyone. 

At Thrive Advice we are very much feeling the strain of the year. We worked long hard hours to assist our clients in every way possible. Took on steep learning curves in relation to Stimulus Packages being rolled out. Engaged with our clients as much as possible remotely and threw our own business plans out the window so we could deal with the now. We cannot imagine what health professionals are feeling. 

Like all good businesses and especially being business advisors, we have a 12-month business each year to keep us on track and make sure we are meeting the needs of our clients along with promoting sustainability and growth in our business.  

2020 destroyed that plan, but we managed. We had to be reactive to the day to day needs of clients, focus on survival for us and our clients. We probably would not have executed this very well if we were not used to running the business with a plan. We’re planners, we love it. Plan. Do. Thrive. This year was different. For all of us.  

What we did learn is to expect the unexpected. We have developed our next 12-month business plan, utilising technology to automate where possible and to be fully cloud based so we can access information remotely. We are also very much looking forward to some self-care and closing over the holiday break. 

Everyone has encountered some form of burnout throughout the year. We have all been living in unique times and hopefully something that will only be remembered as part of history, not our futures. Burnout can be dismissed as just being classed as being too busy and stressed. However, it can take a toll on our mental and physical well being with lasting effects. By recognising it can play an important part in implementing strategies to avoid the future and taking some self-care now. 

Many of us have taken control of our health, including our financial health. We have changed from a society of credit and living week to week to placing importance on having accessible money in the bank, low credit and thinking about where we spend our money to help support our communities.  

If you are feeling overwhelmed by 2021. Take time, sit down, and write a plan. What do you hope to achieve personally? What do you hope to achieve in your business? Create a personal budget. Having a plan gives you a sense of control. Plans do change but normally the theme stays the same. Break the plan down into small chunks to take a step at a time. As for the budget, start with your income and commitments and debts. If you need help with planning you can always reach out to us. 

If you are suffering from burnout and need help to manage the symptoms please contact your GP or Beyond Blue – 1300 22 4636 

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