In a significant move, the NSW government has come to the party to support the agricultural sector and has launched three key grants aimed at farm productivity, sustainability, and drought resilience. These grants are designed to offer financial assistance and incentives for farmers to adopt advanced technologies and practices that safeguard their operations against every changing environmental challenges. So let’s take a look and see what’s on the table and how they can benefit farmers across NSW.

GRANT 1 –  On Farm Connectivity Program: This initiative is part of the Better Connectivity for Rural and Regional Australia Plan, offering $15 million in 2023-24 to boost digital agribusiness solutions. The program aims to extend digital connectivity, enhance capacity for digital solutions, and support the sector’s productivity growth by offsetting costs for new communications equipment. To find out more head to On Farm Connectivity Program to view eligibility requirements.

GRANT 2-  Drought Infrastructure Fund: With low-interest loans of up to $1M, this fund supports on-farm improvements that enhance water efficiency, sustainability, and productivity. It provides a 2.5% fixed interest rate and up to 20 years repayment period, making it an excellent opportunity for farmers to invest in long-term sustainability. For eligibility, more details, and to apply, visit: Drought Infrastructure Fund

GRANT 3 – Drought Ready and Resilient Fund: This fund offers up to $250,000 in low-interest loans for primary producers to prepare, manage, and recover from drought. It covers a wide range of uses from animal welfare to business development, complementing the Drought Infrastructure Fund by focusing on broader aspects of farm resilience. For eligibility, more details, and to apply, visit: Drought Ready & Resilient Fund

Don’t miss this opportunity to secure your farm’s future. Feel free to contact our office on 02 6362 8255 to discuss or if you require assistance with the application process.

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