The ATO has gone paperless with all their correspondence. So the team at Thrive Advice has been working on the best way to adapt to the new processes the ATO has recently implemented.  

‘Under the Australian Government’s “Digital First” policy, by 2017 all government agencies must use digital channels as their primary avenue for communicating with customers and delivering services. In response to community expectations for digital interactions, the ATO continues to define and deliver digital services.’  

What does this all mean?

With the ATO turning digital, if you or Thrive Advice were to digitally lodge an Activity Statements/PAYG Instalments/Variations etc this will then stop the paper copy of future statements being sent out to you (if you were receiving a paper copy).

Currently there is no way to stop this from happening. 

We are here to help

Our team at Thrive Advice, find this roll out from the ATO very confusing and frustrating.  

So we are currently working on a new software solution. We will have something in place by early April 2022. This will help you and us manage everything related to ATO correspondence and their ‘digital paperless approach’.

If you have any questions on the ATO’s paperless approach or need help please feel free to reach out.

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