Businesses will use social media differently to benefit them; there isn’t a right or wrong way per se. However, there are strategies you can use to strengthen your online presence and behaviours that can tarnish your brand.

Consider the following:

Remember It’s ‘Social’ Media

While your social media profiles should mimic the values and philosophy of your firm, remember to keep it fun. People become engrained with social media platforms because of the psychological effect it has on them; people want to check out from the real world and immerse themselves in something else.

To have people return to your profiles, you should make it an enjoyable experience. Of course, if there is breaking news relevant to your firm that isn’t happy or positive, you should address this, but avoid making it so serious all the time.

Throwing in a meme occasionally, some inspiring words, or a funny video will provide your followers with the ‘warm-fuzzies’ that will make them come back looking for your content.

Learn How To Respond To Negativity

Unfortunately, at some stage or another your firm will probably receive negative feedback. The important thing is to respond to this negative feedback constructively and appropriately.

When responding to this feedback, particularly in a public forum, be apologetic, make an apparent effort to resolve the issue, and address this feedback immediately. Avoid:

  • Snapping back
  • Speaking emotionally
  • Telling the person who is complaining that they are wrong or that they were ‘difficult.’
  • Ignore the feedback. 


Being transparent on social media is essential; your firm’s online persona is open to the scrutiny and judgment of all clients and online users. If you try to present an image of your firm that is, in fact, false or embellished, it won’t take long before this falseness is realised by others, which can seriously tarnish the brand long-term.

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