As workers return to the office, the amount of money reported as being spent on food outside the home is rising.

This is in spite of the fact that a survey earlier this year found that nearly half of Australians are reducing the amount of money spent on eating out as cost-of-living pressures rise.

Here is how you can make eating away from home a little cheaper, particularly during your work day:

Plan Your Week Of Meals

Spending some time planning your meals at the start of the week can make packing work lunches far easier. By planning your meals in advance and taking them to the office, you can prevent costly trips out for lunch and save up to $1,000 per year.

Start by looking at what days and meals you’ll need to prepare. Will you have breakfast at home or bring a morning snack to work, too?

Drink The Coffee In The Office

With small coffees costing upwards of $4.50 in some parts of the country, a coffee every morning bought at your local cafe before work can start to add up.

Purchasing one small coffee (at $4.50) every morning for your workday week (Monday to Friday) over a year (averaging 25 days per month) could cost you $1350. This doesn’t consider any additional costs, such as alternative types of milk.

If provided by your office, drinking the brew on offer is an easy way to save that money.

Budget Appropriately

Saving money doesn’t have to be at the cost of being able to treat yourself. You can still enjoy the occasional meal out without breaking the bank by being sensible about the amount spent. You can find an appropriate balance that suits your needs by budgeting out your meals, groceries and eating out.

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