Here at Thrive Advice, we have a business full of inspiring individuals whether they are part of the team or clients. One of these individuals is our very own Dianne Telford. Dianne is not only an accounting superstar, but she is also a fundraising machine. The term “unsung hero” comes to mind when writing about Dianne. Dianne has been fundraising for cancer research through her chosen charity the CanToo Foundation.

At age 15 Dianne was misdiagnosed with a heart condition this inspired her to launch her first fundraising campaign for the Heart Foundation, from there she has led a life of advocacy and fundraising.

When Dianne is not helping our clients grow their businesses or spending time with her family, she can be found swimming laps at the local pool. She has always been passionate about a healthy lifestyle and has been a competitive swimmer from a young age this is why she loves fundraising for CanToo as it also involves her love of swimming. Rumour has it that Dianne still holds some swimming records for the region.

Recently, Dianne was able to meet and swim with her hero, Annie Crawford AM. Annie is inspiring to Dianne due to her positive mindset and ability to rise above the ashes.

Annie Crawford from CanToo and Dianne Telford
Dianne and Annie (centre) with other amazing CanToo swimmers.

Dianne is about to embark on her biggest challenge yet. The Mana Fiji 10km Marathon Swim. Not only is it a mammoth swim she also must prepare for climatic conditions of the ocean. The race is on the 17 October 2019 and will be held at the Mana Island of Fiji. At the time of this article Dianne has raised $2000 for her goal of $2500 for CanToo.

We are all very excited and proud of Dianne and her achievements.

Are you an inspiring individual? We would love to hear from you and how we can support you and your cause.

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