Matthew WrenMatthew Wren

Thrive Advice Client Manager & Senior Accountant

Matthew Wren

Business advisory can be tricky, but getting your finances under control has a hugely positive impact on your quality of life. The right support makes all the difference, and this is where I can help.

I am a Client Manager and Senior Accountant here at Thrive Advice, based in Orange, NSW. Orange is home to many farmers, sole traders and small business owners, and these people and the community they live in are extremely close to my heart. These small businesses keep the area alive, which is why I offer my help here wherever I can.

Unlike a lot of accountants, I don’t see the world in money and numbers. I know that the people behind the figures are what really matters. When you’re running a small business, keeping track of your finances can be a major cause of stress. I want to take this away, so I visit my clients face-to-face as often as I can. I want them to know that there is a real person here who will give them all the help and support they need to make a success of their businesses and lives.

My specialist areas are business advisory, tax planning and accounting. I help my clients become more accountable. I look at the actual figures and compare them to your budgets and projections, keeping you on track and enabling business growth. I work through business issues one by one with each client, making their finances manageable and helping them to become sustainable.

I understand that there are real lives and families being affected by the finances of every business – I have a background in the manufacturing sector – so I make sure I take care of the issues that affect them the most.

I know how important real relationships are, especially in the faceless digital age. My clients are welcome to call me at any time, even at weekends, as the right support makes so much difference.

Connect with me if you share my values and want to experience a more supportive kind of accounting.

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